Get A Life!

An old acquaintance got in touch with me a few days ago, we hadn’t talked in several years. Parts of the conversation are still rolling around in my head. That typically means I have something to share.  I believe this is it:

I did not hate my job. I was one of the lucky ones, I thought, that enjoyed working. I was in a position that allowed me to constantly learn additional skills. As the years passed I grew, I thrived. I was proud of sleeping only 5 hrs per night. I welcomed running back to the office to approve projects or make last minute decisions for several departments – all hours of the night and weekend. My motto’s became ‘I thrive on impossible deadlines,’ and ‘My great joy is making order out of chaos.’ To be referred to as anal was a compliment. I loved the career I had built in a mid-sized national corporation. Every life decision I made revolved around the job. Then cancer pulled out the rug, and nailed me to the floor. The dust has settled and I find myself permanently retired on disability. There are 24 hours in each day, and 7 of them each and every week! What the heck am I supposed to do to fill the time? When they told me to get a life, I should have listened.

My message? Enjoy your job, earn money, learn and grow your career. But above all, make sure you GET A LIFE. When the job is gone, what will you be left with?


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