Healing Power of Meditation


Visual Aid for Meditation

The Healing Power of Meditation With Visualization


This picture jumped off the page and spoke to me as I was scanning through a page of ‘inspirational pictures’ (thanks Pinterest!) The first things I noticed, or felt, as I looked at this picture was the calm and peace of the natural setting. As that feeling settled in, a sense of awe began to grow at the ability of nature to create such a beautiful place. As I continued to look at this picture, I began to feel the power behind it. The raw force simmering just under the surface, just beyond reach.

All of these thoughts and feelings rolled through me quickly, all within seconds of seeing the photo for the first time. I immediately knew this would be the visual aid I would use for healing meditation, until the next inspiring picture took its place.

How To Use A Visual Aid in Meditation for Healing

As with all forms of meditation, remove your shoes. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes, preferably something loose, non-binding. Lie down on the bed or floor, or sit in a comfortable but secure chair. Your goal is to be comfortable, to sit or lay straight and tall, allowing you to gently expand your core (trunk, torso, chest and abdomen, whatever you want to call that part of your body.)

Place the photo on a table, tray, stack of books, whatever is needed to bring it into your field of vision when resting comfortably in your normal meditation posture. If you lay down to meditate, you may consider having the picture blown up and taping it to the ceiling so you can easily view it while lying on your back.

Begin your breathing exercise. Once in a gentle, regulated rhythm, shift your focus to the photo. Allow the feelings the picture first evoked to begin to wash over you. Feel the calm. Feel the strength and power. If stray thoughts begin to creep into your mind, close your eyes for a moment and concentrate on your breathing again. Once your mind is again still and quiet, open your eyes and allow yourself to feel the emotion of the photo. Allow the feeling to wash over you. Imagine it as a tingling warm sensation, glowing gently in your center. Envision it slowly growing, spreading to your arms and legs, rolling gently until it reaches your finger tips and toes.

Next, focus on the area of your body in need of healing. Someone suffering from rheumatoid arthritis might envision the warmth entering the effected joints, imagine the power of it healing the joint, reducing the swelling, restoring range of motion, straightening the bones. If you are seeking relief from depression you might visualize the energy rising to your head, gently rolling around in your brain like a thick fog then slowly turning to a white vapor, then disappearing all together – taking the feelings of depression with it. When I do this exercise, I imagine the energy attacking cancerous tumors. I picture it working like a laser, blasting each bad cell. I can almost feel the pop and sizzle as each diseased cell is destroyed.

Focus the energy on whatever needs healing. Don’t think about it too much, don’t pre-plan the scenario. Just let it play out once the process has begun.

You will know when the session is over. Slowly pull yourself back to the present. Gently stretch each limb and take your time rising from your meditation position. Last thing you want to do is rise too quickly and take a tumble.

Healing meditation should not take the place of your normal meditation routine, nor should it replace any medical treatment from your doctor. This should be added to enhance the wellness practices you already have in place.

As with all meditation, the goal is to reach a state of relaxation to allow a significant mind/body connection. There is no absolute right or wrong way to do any of this, so feel free to adapt the process to whatever best meets your needs.

Happy meditating!


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