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What Do You Do When Your Character Disagrees With Your Story Line?

I’ve come to an impasse. After writing several chapters, I have come to know my main characters well. So well that when I sit down to write, I often simply record the story as they play it out. But now I’ve come to a point when my protagonist is about to reveal a key item from her past – a major motivator in the current situation – but the person she has turned out to be simply would not have been involved in that situation.

So my question: Do I change my story line to accommodate the character that has evolved, or do I scrap the character and rewrite someone to fit the story?

For now, I will move on to another project, but I would welcome suggestions.


Fall Reading List….Suggestions?

One of my four favorite times of year, Fall is on it’s way! Time for seasons to change, time for new books!!

I will be going on a shopping spree in a couple weeks to purchase books to read this fall. Anyone would laugh at my excitement, rivaling any child finding a stack of gift-wrapped presents with her name on the tags. I’ve never understood the power books have over me, the uncontrollable, involuntary draw to them. When I imagine heaven, I see Barnes and Noble. Ok that may be an exaggeration, but I guarantee when I get to heaven, there will be well stocked bookshelves.

I tried to get into the e-book craze. I completely understand the many benefits, and do admit to having a couple e-books stashed on my smart phone for those unexpected waiting room delays, but just can’t let go of the magic of physical books.

There is just something about the weight of the book in my hand, the smooth feel of the cover, the sound of the pages. Before I jump in to the story I take time to appreciate the colors on the cover and the print of the blurbs on the back and sleeve. Then turning the first page, reading the first words…. I’m completely enchanted by books!

But back to the subject at hand – it will soon be time for my fall book shopping event, and… HELP!

I would love suggestions of what to read next. I currently have a list of  76 books that have struck my interest. I need to knock that down to 10-15.

Help me make a short list. What good books have you read lately or are planning to read? What authors are you currently into?

A comment below with a blurb about your current reading suggestions would be helpful and appreciated!

Thanks, and Happy Reading!

Cancer Made My Dreams Come True

First posted December 2013…..

I woke up a couple mornings ago, hours before sunrise. In past years I loved to wake early to enjoy the quite peace of the house before the kids and dogs and TVs came to life for the day. I do it now out of necessity. A recent fight with cancer has left me with chronic pain, becoming stiff and sore if I remain in one position very long. It now takes time and patience to get moving after sleep. While I go through the physical paces of the morning, getting arms and legs and body to all move in the same direction without too much ache, my mind goes through its daily process – thinking of new topics to write about.

Early morning routine complete, I stopped to enjoy a cup of coffee before launching into whatever I had been writing that day. Sitting there, it occurred to me I was happy. This was an unfamiliar feeling for me. I am truly grateful for simply being alive, but admit to frequent sadness over all I have lost. My career was everything to me. Not just means to support my family, but my success or failure at work was directly linked to my self-worth. I’ve spent a lot of time feeling sad and empty since cancer brought my career to an end.

So I was really surprised to feel happy. Taking a minute to examine the change, memory flew back several years to a job interview I once had. This was a final interview with senior management, already being approved by the hiring manager and staff. The interviewer only had one question, “If you woke up tomorrow and a magic genie could grant you one wish – if he could remove all obstacles, guarantee money and success, what would be your dream job?” Without hesitation I responded, “To write. If I had time and money and no responsibility, I would love to spend my time writing.”

I thought about this for a minute. Lasting damage from cancer and treatment has rendered me unable to work. I have downsized my life and outside responsibilities to allow me to have a quiet but sufficient existence on disability pay. Thankfully my mind is still intact (as it’s ever been), so I fill my empty days doing the thing I’ve always loved best, writing. What an unexpected turn of events, cancer made my dream come true.