I started this blog to showcase the online content articles I’ve written, hoping to build confidence to finally start writing the novel rolling around in my head. I guess it’s worked because I’m deep in the trenches of writing my first novel! If you are interested in following along the process, visit my facebook page, Lorraine Wilkie – Author. Current and future posts will likely focus on my thoughts on cancer, writing the novel, and other random life stuff.

Before I entered the world of blogging I was happily employed in the healthcare/health insurance industry when the unexpected happened. Like too many other folks, cancer struck and changed my life. As you will see from many of my posts, life after cancer is anything but life as usual. On the bright side, I now have the opportunity to spend my time doing the thing I’ve always dreamed of – writing. Too much more about me and I’ll be losing your attention, so I’ll let my posts speak for themselves.

If you are interested in the details of my past and present experience with cancer, visit my other blog www.SeeingSunrise.com.

Please comment on any post – good or bad – I love hearing other points of view and welcome all input. Thanks for stopping to visit and read, I hope you enjoy!



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