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What Do You Do When Your Character Disagrees With Your Story Line?

I’ve come to an impasse. After writing several chapters, I have come to know my main characters well. So well that when I sit down to write, I often simply record the story as they play it out. But now I’ve come to a point when my protagonist is about to reveal a key item from her past – a major motivator in the current situation – but the person she has turned out to be simply would not have been involved in that situation.

So my question: Do I change my story line to accommodate the character that has evolved, or do I scrap the character and rewrite someone to fit the story?

For now, I will move on to another project, but I would welcome suggestions.


Writing My First Novel, Characters Come To Life

I am writing my first novel. Everything I read says your first novel is your throw away. That it will be no good but must be written to clear the way for future quality books.

If nine out of ten published authors say this is true, it likely is true. I am sure every new author thinks he or she will be the exception to that rule. But gosh, I hope I’m the exception to that rule!

I really like my story. I’ve had this story in my head for some time. I hope others will have the opportunity to read it and enjoy it, but most importantly, I need to write it. It simply won’t leave me alone until I do.

I’m early in the process of getting the first draft on paper, just recently hitting the milestone of the first 10,000 words, but have noticed a phenomenon that is just so much fun! When I sit down to write each day I usually have a particular scene in mind, some part of scenario or dialog already in my head. I begin writing with the purpose of bringing the story from the current point A to the next point B.

But as I am beginning to know my characters very well, they seem to be taking control, directing the story on their own. At times I feel as though I am simply following them around, transcribing their every action and word onto the paper. This is creating more work for me since I sometimes have to go back and adjust previous scenes and back stories to make the current events work, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My characters seem to have come to life, and have grown into folks I really like, or really like to dislike! This is making this process so enjoyable, many days I just can’t wait to sit down to the keyboard to find out what happens next. Hopefully one day readers will feel the same way!